Around Portland

This is looking at the back side of my office building from my parking structure. Too early in the morning. No Coffee yet. Now that Im an investigator I have to drive to work every day, hopefully the van can hold up.... only another month and a half until I leave for school.



I sat down to read Marbury v. Madison tonight.
[...] If the solicitude of the convention, respecting our peace with foreign powers, induced a provision that the supreme court should take original jurisdiction in cases which might be supposed to affect them; yet the clause would have proceeded no further than to provide for such cases, if no further restriction on the powers of congress had been intended. That they should have appellate jurisdiction in all other cases, with such exceptions as congress might make, is no restriction; unless the words be deemed exclusive of original jurisdiction. [...]
Took an hour and a half.
Yeah, and ask how much made any sense...
What have I got myself into now?
I think this will be my new best friend:
sweet sweet love