Snowshoeing at Trillium lake

I went snowshoeing at Trillium lake with Tracy and her roommate Beth this weekend. Trillium was crowded, and after the dude in the truck towing 4 snowmobiles managed to get his truck barely off to the side of the sno-park, we were able to find a parking spot. The snow was a little wet, but there was no wind.

There was a groomed path around the lake, so we didn't really end up needing the snowshoes, but they made us feel cool so it was totally worth it.

We got off the trail a little bit in places.

After having people cruise by us all day we decided, next time: cross country skiis.

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Terry Lamphier said...

Hey Tom, nice site! Jamey just tuned me into this blog-creating option so I am playing around with it a little. Mine is newborn - may be stillborn, don't know yet.
I am impressed at how you have been able to engineer your layout. I have been trying to work my site and it seems you have to be a major software geek to understand how to do stuff.
The site itself seems incredibly poor on instruction.
Do you have recommendations for places to go for help with Blog.Com? Or are you just a friggin genius?

Hope ya' all are doing well. Terry